Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oct. 21, 2014

What did the quadriplegic get for Christmas? Nothing, he couldn't open any! lol.                                       
     On a different note the MTC is like what every one says.  It is like drinking from a waterfall and I am just trying to get it all in. Its weird, I am humming hymns now which I never did! I just feel the spirit so strong and I am so happy I am here.   Don't get me wrong, its tough - so much class time! The knowledge I have learned from my awesome teachers, Sister Gibson and Elder Clegg is awesome!  I think I want to be an MTC teacher when I return.

     I haven't quite figured out the whole picture thing, but I've got some good ones. My district is the most awesome group of guys!  We all feel like we were best buds in the past life - and we've only known each other for six days. For our district meeting we laughed for, like, 20 minutes and I'm not really even sure why.  I've got two foreigners - Elder West is from Australia AND Elder Carlson is a Canadian.  And man, Elder West is a crack up! I decided to draw some portraits of our district and it is awesome and horrid.  The days are long but I enjoy every bit and I am learning so much!

     I was feeling sick and I had an elder give me a blessing and he realy helped me out.  I felt prompted to ask him and it was no coincidence that he had never given a blessing.  Elder Cleverly did amazing and he blessed me with some awesome stuff about success after my mission, and during, and I am feeling great.   We all have had blessings.  But the most amazing part was when Elder Kofferd got a blessing and it said his four brothers were looking after him and proud.  The crazy part was that he told us he only had 3 brothers, but one of his brotherS died at birth.  The priesthood is so strong, and I love it!

    My companion is awesome.  He is from Virginia.  His name is  Elder Hardy and he is going to the same mission as I am.  We get along pretty well and our lessons have been going great! We just had a new investigator and I was really stressed because he wasn't quite as into the lesson.  It took a lot of effort to keep him interested in it.  I think at the beginning of the lesson he wasn't looking for any answers, but now he says he has some questions and is reading the Book of Mormon!  Our other investigator cried when we told her about her seeing her mother again. I know these things are kinda set up, but I feel like I am teaching real people and I am loving it!  I think about them all the time!  

   The first day at the MTC is hard!  People will know why when they get there, specifically Gavin and Moroni. I have really been thinking about Gavin.  I just want him to know wherever he gets called to his mission, the call is chosen by the Lord and the Lord alone! We watched a David A. Bednar talk from the MTC not too long ago - and you can only see it at the MTC.  I cried because I am so sorry for how much of a selfish person I have been in the past.  It's not about me - it's about others and the Lord. Gavin if you get called some where that sounds scary, it is because the Lord has people there that need you.  Not because he wants to make you suffer in an unfamiliar place.   Utah has more convert baptisms than any other state.   The lord will put you where others need you, not where you need others.  The "Character of Christ" talk, made me realize what my purpose was - and I love each and every one of you and want you to know God does see us in our afflictions! Remember that we are here to be tried and help others with our trials 1 Peter 1:7.   The MTC is changing me and its because I WANT TO BE LIKE MY SAVIOR!   I KNOW I am not perfect but I love that that it is ok - and God still loves me.  The craziest thing happened to me we were asked to pray, to ask God if he loves us... so I did and I heard a voice.  I was sure someone else heard it!  And the voice said, " I love you, Rick" I AM NOT JOKING!  It was the most awesome, coolest thing I have ever experienced!  There is so much more that I could say.  I just dont know how God loves.  Being a missionary is hard, and great. I love my family - and I know we are together forever.