Tuesday, November 11, 2014


This week has been so long.  The first day in the mission field we left the MTC at 3 in the morning and were busy doing training and street contacting all day with the president miller and some older missionaries in the area. I was up for 21 hours. Contacting people is a lot more fun than I thought. We gave an elderly man a Book of Mormon (BOM) and he just said he had been looking for a church to go to and we talked about the plan of salvation - everything went amazing.
The next day I was transferred and was in the car all day. I am in El Paso Texas for my first area and it is so brown! I mean I might as well have gone to Mexico, lol. The people are great and the food is really, really, good also. Missionary work is a lot.  We are on the go all day every day.  even today, on P day, we are busy. Everyone is so nice here.  I am not sure if I like it or not; because when we knock doors, or go contacting, it’s really hard to know if they are actually interested or not - because they are too polite to say no.
We have some amazing investigators. Most of the first week was just introducing me. By the end of the week we were getting into some amazing discussions.  the spirit has been so strong and a couple of our new investigators are seriously considering baptism. I relate so well to the people here in El Paso.  I know there is a definite reason why I have been sent here. There are a lot more hills here than I thought and it’s hard because we are doing 20-40 miles a day on bikes. The nice thing is we switch each week, between a car and the bikes, with another set of elders who split the ward with us. There is so much work to be done in this area.  I know why the Lord definitely needs missionaries.
My trainer is an awesome guy.  He's pretty shy but has a strong spirit. He is from Chester, Idaho and is training me after he has only been out for 3 months - so we both are still learning a lot from each other.  He says I am practically already trained, which makes me happy :). He kind of reminds me of Spencer Hill, we go and fix people’s cars for service and it has helped us get into some other people’s homes - because we helped them. We already replaced a lady’s disk brakes; and there are some other people whose cars we will be fixing in other weeks.
We are so busy all day every day, but I love the work, and talking to people, and going to lessons.  We have 2-5 lessons every day and we visit a lot of inactive around here. A lot of people are in, or retired from, the military. We are pretty close to Fort Bliss which is the largest army base in the country. There is a family that reminds me so much of Christian Beal and gives me hope. The dad went inactive for 15 years, and now he came back, and we are giving the rest of his family the lessons. It gives me hope that he and his family well be an active family eventually. 
I am so blessed to be here with these people and teaching them lessons and feeling the Holy Ghost so much. I love my family and friends and know they are being blessed for my service - as am I.    

P.S. - My P day is on Tuesday and I will be on the computer between 10-3 pm on those days - Mountain Time.

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