Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11/12/12 - Week 2 in the Mission Field

Wow!  Yet another hard week - especially on those bikes!  Our area is so long and we are at one end and bike to the other several times a day - which is a 14 mile round trip, with hills!  By the end of the week our longest day was 38 miles.  Talk about sore legs!  But it is crazy how the lord blesses us through these trials.  We were able to meet 4 new investigators by contacting them on the street; and a lot more potential ones.  
One thing that I am learning is to open your mouth - no matter who it is.  Sometimes we judge people by their appearance and that is what Satan wants.  We talked to a guy who was about to go and smoke some pot and actually he said he feels really bad about it.  We taught him the restoration and gave him a BoM.  He said when he saw us he knew what he was doing was wrong. I feel I am defiantly going to be able to help him; and I am so excited for another lesson with him later this week.  He just had his appendix out and I feel like I am going to be able to relate very well with him!  He quit going to college so he could work and help his mother pay their mortgage.  Sometimes we judge others for their sins, but in reality we all sin - just in different ways. The gospel can help everyone and we all need to invite them to hear it. We may not know their struggles but god does -and he is the great physician who can help us all.
We just set our first investigator for a baptism date and I am so excited for him. What a turnaround! He kind of reminds me of Luke, just not as extreme. Sharing Luke’s story was one of the deciding factors to get him to commit.
Church was so great!  The gospel doctrine teacher told us that we broke the record for the most people in her class we had a lot of less actives come back to church and that makes me so happy.  We have some investigators and families who are really progressing well especially the Jensen's.  Their family is where I hope Christian Beal’s family gets to down the road.  It is a very similar story.  They are so cool and solid!  Nothing can take that family apart - because they are coming so close through Christ.  Elder Ostberg are working our tails off and it is sure paying off!  This ward is making a huge flip because of the recent missionary work.  They haven't had any baptisms in years! And if we keep working I can tell the lord will help our investigators to progress.
Now that my companion and I have figured each other out, the lessons are flowing really smoothly and the Holy Ghost’s presence is ridiculously strong.  It’s weird to think I have been on my mission for a month already.  Its flying by way too fast because we are busy all day!  Even if our lessons fall through and their backups and their backup’s backups fall through, we have been very effective with our time and have been doing really well. I am really bummed and excited I have exchanges with the zone leaders this Friday.  I am going to have to miss out on rebuilding an engine with him.  He is a bus mechanic.  The lord always provides, though.  I am learning that obedience, even to what seems like stupid rules, is blessing me and my companion and our investigators so much!

I want everyone to know that I love them; and to encourage you all to continue to read their scriptures and to read your patriarchal blessings!  Have a good week!  Thank you so much for the support!  It really means the world to me! I love my family and friends so much - and I am just beginning to realize how important you all are to me!

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