Sunday, April 5, 2015

3/17/15 - Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Happy Saint Patty’s Day! 

      Well another great day in the mission, no complaints. I feel so great I just feel revamped.  President Miller was at Stake conference also this weekend.  He invited one of the youth (who goes out with us) to Zone conference. [A missionary only event]  What an honor for him!  He was really excited and is getting all this good experience before his own mission. 

      A couple of weeks ago, one of our investigators (two days after he committed to be baptized on a specific date) sent us a text saying he didn't want us to meet with him. We went to Zone conference and President Miller helped us out in Q&A session. We were able to find out our investigator’s concerns and help him with his problems.  Once he overcomes this concern I am sure that he will be truly converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ without fail. 

     It is so good to know that there is something in this world that truly does answer all of our questions and concerns of our heart! The many stories and doctrines revealed in the Book of Mormon can truly help us with any of our problems. When we commune with our Heavenly Father and ponder on his words in the scriptures and remember the thoughts and feelings he speaks to us with the Holy Ghost - we can truly overcome all of our struggle with the most sure answers we can get, from God! I love this mission my family and friends and am so thankful to know everyone is doing well. We had a great Zone and Stake conference this weekend and some good lessons.  Thank you for the support I love you all!

P.S. - Happy Anniversary! To both of you (Mom & Dad and Grams & Pops). I am sorry that I couldn't make it :P The weeks are getting better and better.  I don't recall the last weeks being bad. [I reminded him that he got a ticket and got burglarized :) ] Sorry if it sounded that way. Have a great week - I need singular!

P.P.S - Tell Grams & Pops I got the Easter package - yes I did it was awesome! More meat less treats though [When I reminded him that the traditional meat for Easter was ham - which was hard to send through the mail - he responded, "Pork jerky" - Tee hee hee]

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