Monday, December 8, 2014

12/2/2014 - Week 5

     This past week has been a big one. We have had some really solid lessons this week and the Spirit has been really strong in all of them. We brought some older more experienced members to lessons and the investigators showed a lot of respect - and it didn't seem like a couple 19 year old kids were teaching them. We took President Pérez from the missionary presidency to visit one of our investigators. This guy believes Jesus himself baptized him and gave him the priesthood when he was 8. His wife is a temple worker and just last week we finally helped him realize that he is not sealed to his wife. President Pérez has told us not to drop him because one day he will be baptized. [This investigator] has been a minister in his past and a chaplain for a prison, his heart is finally just beginning to soften. When he is baptized it will be a glorious day in heaven. I am so looking forward to that day and for the other investigators. They are going to receive the greatest gift which is the Holy Ghost.
      I love being a missionary so much – no matter how hard it gets. Since it is the holidays we don't have to drag members along as much. They are getting more into the missionary spirit. We got in another car crash this week - while going with a member to get stuff from our crashed car. We were rear ended by a semi-truck. Luckily it was going pretty slow, in traffic, so we were only hit going around 3 miles an hour. The adversary may be trying to stop our work, but we kept fighting back. I punched Satan in the face after the crash, by giving the people in the accident Books Of Mormon - and they were really excited.
     One of our investigators’ husband is an E7 in the army and has all kinds of clearance. He took us on base at Fort Bliss and taught us some combat moves. It felt so good to get on a wrestling mat and roll around. We had Thanksgiving Mexican style at one of our investigator’s house. George offered to have us pray over his food with his family. We had another dinner at a member’s house. I am so thankful for the hospitality I have received here. The people here are great! Even through the struggles we have had, I am still finding ways to get through this. The Holy Ghost helps my life so much and it is amazing how a day lasts a week - but the weeks seem as days. Being obedient to the Lord’s commandments - is a commandment.
      The Lord blesses each and every one of us for being obedient. I am so thankful for the blessings I have received on my mission. The crazy thing is, that the blessings are from helping others. Don't be afraid to talk to people. We never know who God has prepared to receive the message of the restoration. This Christmas remember that Jesus Christ is the gift to us and our families. I am so thankful for each of you and your support. Be thankful for the blessings we have in this life. I love my family and friends so much and hope you are all doing well!

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