Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/16/14 - Week 7 Mission Field


     First off, thank you for the Harry and David gift basket.  It’s nice to get things that are authentic to Oregon.  I shared them with some of the missionaries in our district and they were great. 

     This week is going to be a big week.  The J-----'s - some of my favorite people - are getting baptized this week.  So many people are coming that we won’t be able to fit them all in the baptismal font room. They are such and amazing family and kind of remind me of some of my favorite people back home. Brother J------ had a rough past and joined the military and has been inactive for the past 15 years. Now it is like the prodigal son and he is coming home.  This family is one of the strongest in the ward now and two of them won’t be baptized until this Saturday. He has quit drinking smoking and 5 pots of coffee a day for the Lord.   Whenever we go to their house it’s like a taste of home.  Words can’t explain the joy I feel for them - and to see the good things that come from missionary work.

     Last week we had a break away moment with several of our investigators - one family specifically. The dad is kind of like brother J------ just 10 years prior. He said he felt the Holy Ghost when we read Mosiah chapter 4 with him and his wife.  It said in the next verse, that when we feel the Holy Ghost again we are forgiven - then he lit up and kept reading it over to himself. The Spirit was so strong and something clicked.  It’s just a downhill until he and his wife will be sealed together in the temple.  

     Another miracle was when we taught a mother who had been left jobless for the last month.  After we taught her about the Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation, she asked us if she could pray.  She poured her heart out in the prayer - about whether it was true and if it be God’s will she should get a job. She told us at the next lesson that we had with her, that not 30 minutes after that prayer, she received a call for a job she wanted - and her prayers had been answered. She is so excited about the Book of Mormon - and it is great.  The next two days I have two exchanges in a row which is nice, and helps me to learn from other missionaries.  

I went through my second Wal-Mart bike and had to break down and buy a nice one - which was a hit to my wallet.  But it is a plus to the Lord’s work - now we won’t half to cancel on people because of broken bikes.  I will just be a humble poor missionary.  It is never easy - but it is always worth it.  We must sacrifice our worldliness for a higher purpose - and we will be blessed. I am so thankful to be called here.  It truly is a great mission. 

     I hope all of you continually show Christ unconditional love and service this Christmas - and remember the Christ in Christmas. Have charity in your hearts and lean on the Savior.  It has been cool because the section I am reading in JESUS THE CHRIST is about the true Christmas - and how nobody back them truly understood the divinity of Christ; not even himself until he had waxed strong and became the man who saved us all. Like the Savior, we don't know the impact on the world each of us are going to have - even if it is but a happy smile or a kind act of service – that can completely change some one’s life. We are all Disciples of Christ.  The path is straight.  Each of us must travel a token of what Jesus went through to really recognize his impact on us and our family. Use your struggles and turn them into gold - 1 Peter 1:7.  Nourish the seed of your faith and bring forth good fruit, Alma chapter 32.  Be a beacon of love and righteousness. I love my family and all my other brothers and sisters of God.  Merry Christmas.

P.S. - Here are the pics of the apartment. My camera broke so my companion took some pictures of us today  while we had some other elders over to do their laundry [behind the closet doors - The bathroom is next to the closet]. My new bike is the green one  - I loves it  & hope it doesn't break:).   

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