Monday, August 24, 2015

4/13/15 Holla Mommy - Transfers

Holla Mommy, 

Well I knew the mission would be hard, but I never thought it would be this hard to leave an area. I love it in El Paso and I am getting the boot! I definitely feel like I left it looking better when I came in. And it is exciting that my companion elder Goff is going to be training.  They should be having some baptisms - that will be nice for the new missionary coming in. I get to spend my last night with my first convert family, which will be amazing.  they cook so good I am going to miss it...... I just found out one of my best friends I have been talking to from high school, Allie Meyers, … is getting baptized.  I am ecstatic! I got to speak on Sunday to the ward about the Atonement and got to relate a cool experience I had on Brown Mountain to it. It was a good way to end my time in El Paso 11th ward I almost cried, but I pulled through. I love you all! I don’t have a lot of time I’ll let you know where I end up!

[When I asked how the transfers work – bus, car, pick up? He answered with a joke meant to make a Mom’s heart beat faster:] 

They beat me up, put a bag over my head some time tonight and throw me and my stuff on the outskirts of my area and I find my new home.  No, actually, I stay in my apartment tonight and drive to the other end of town in the morning. I go to a transfer meeting on the west side at 10am tomorrow.   They load my stuff up and I go to another transfer meeting in Las Cruses.  If I stay there then I go meet my new companion. Or I get to make the long drive up to the transfer meeting in Albuquerque. I’ll find out where I am going when I get there...

It’s sad.  Elder Goff and I are going to miss each other.  But it’s about time I served in New Mexico. I will let you know next Tuesday where I went.

Yeah, I am nervous. I get to spend the rest of my day at the Jensen’s which makes me happy. I spoke at sacrament meeting and at the end of my talk I announced me being transferred. Is it bad for me to be happy that I saw the whole ward get sad when I said that, lol?

It’s hard leaving them.  It’s like leaving home again I love them so much.  :(

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